Tips For Changing Your CVT Belt

After a belt is sold to a customer, we sometimes get phone calls or emails from that customer stating that the belt we sent them is too small and won't fit or that their scooter CVT transmission system no longer will operate correctly after they have replaced the belt.

In most of those cases the belt that was on the scooter before they bought a replacement belt from us had shredded into many small pieces. Below are some tips to eliminate almost 100% of the problems that you will encounter when changing a CVT belt after your previous belt has shredded.

1. There is a popular YouTube video showing how to change a CVT belt without taking the variator or front pulley off. IF YOUR PREVIOUS BELT BROKE OR SHREDDED, DO NOT INSTALL THE NEW BELT USING THE YOUTUBE VIDEO EXAMPLE.

Why? When your old belt breaks and shreds into a bunch of small pieces, those pieces need to be removed from the front pulley or variator AND need to be removed from the rear pulley or clutch. The rollers in the variator also need to be checked to see that they are still sitting in their proper place in the variator. Leaving the pulleys on and using only an air hose to clean the residue out of the CVT case WILL NOT WORK completely in many cases. Unless all of the components of your CVT system are taken off and the debris COMPLETELY removed you probably will end up with problems when you think that you are done and ready to ride.

2. Do not attempt to complete step one above unless you have a high power impact wrench to take the nuts off of the pulleys.

3. After you have completely cleaned your CVT system and replaced your belt, you need to check that everything works correctly before you put your CVT cover on and head for the streets. Here is a good procedure to use.

Use two people. Put the scooter on the center stand, make sure the rear tire is not touching the ground and then start the scooter. After the scooter is started, one person should be working the throttle to rev the engine up and down. The second person (wearing safety glasses) should be standing off to the left side and rear of the scooter to watch how the CVT system is working when the scooter is revved up and down.

If you look at the pictures at the first link below, you will see how the CVT system is supposed to work. Make sure yours is working the same way before you button it up and head out for a ride.

4. See how a CVT system is supposed to work properly at this link:

See how a CVT system is supposed to work.

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